Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water Pumping

A solar-powered pump runs on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels as opposed to grid electricity or diesel operating water pumps.

Submersible and surface pumps of different sizes are used to deliver water from one location to


In agricultural, the cost of irrigation can be as high as 40% of the total cost of a given field produces. Solar photovoltaic panels can convert sunlight energy to electricity, which is then used to run the pump. The stronger and the longer the sun shines, the more water a solar water pump provides.

Solar pump is an appealing solution for water thirsty applications during the summer season, Agriculture, plants irrigation, livestock farming and recreational facilities. The Solar Water Pump is of low maintenance, silent (as compared to a diesel generator driven pump), greatly affordable and offers short and long term savings.

  • Solar VFD
  • Control Unit
  • Sinewave Filter
  • Mounting Structure
  • PV Modules